My Finds Page

Vintage Clothes Found by Me at the Thrift

Vintage late 90’s Sweater depicting deer
Natural beauty
Crazy sweater with great colors Vintage Coogi look
Vintage Wrangler Wester wear button up with pear buttons
Formal Cowboy attire
Vintage Polo Ralph Lauren in a awesome colorway
Formal 90’s button up
Amazing Hamm’s beer on the Oneita single stitched tee
Bear, animals. nature, all over print, vintage beauty
Early 90’s Joe Sakic
Quebec Nordiques Hockey Jersey. Amazing attention to detail, absolute grail.
John Elway Jersey Denver Broncos Vintage Starter, very good condition
Mitchell and Ness throwback 1969 Ray Nitschke Packer Jersey
Vintage look jersey with long sleeves
1997 NFC Champs Greenbay Packers sweater super XXXII Champs. Clean and bold caption
Sick Coors Light beer sweater, 2005 TASTE THE COLD
Nascar x Looney Tunes Shirt
This vintage t-shirt displays a unique collaboration of Nascar and Looney Tunes. What a combination, classic. 1998
Vintage Bob Marley t-shirt
An absolute gem of a shirt displaying a smiling Bob Marley. The reverse has the same graphic just in black and white. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Camel Jacket
Super lightweight jacket from 1992 advertising Camel cigarettes. Not necessarily a great message, but easily the two coolest camels of all time.
Vintage Wolf Shirt
Vintage made in America 1993 wolf shirt. Absolutely beautiful large wolf graphic with single stitched sleeves; thrifted essential.